quarta-feira, 19 de maio de 2010

By Your Hands

I think I lost my way
I’m drifting
Trying to go to the farest lands
Where there’s no Sheppard’s, no priests
Lightning my way, the big candles
But with weak light
Thunderstorms will follow me
I already can hear their steps in the clouds
Wind’s so strong that I can hardly bread
I reached the palace
It’s so beautiful
It has a stairway
Windows with all the colours
It’s surrounded by a big forest
And has a lake behind it
As I reached the first step
Water started falling from the stairs
It reminded me the tear
Falling from your face
You’ve got to see it
It’s so marvellous
Come to me, ride the white goose
He will lead you to me
That’s all, it’s all I ask
Please do
Please talk
So I can shut you with my lips.

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