segunda-feira, 24 de maio de 2010


"A Scorpion stands by a river shore, needing to get over to the other side of the river. But the Scorpion knows that he was unable to swim over. The Scorpion noticed a Turtle further up the river shore, so he went over to the Turtle. The Scorpion kindly asked; ’Dear Mr. Turtle can you please take me upon your back, and take me to the other side? The Turtle looked intensely at the Scorpion and replied; ”If I take you upon my back, then you will surely sting me with your poisons tail.” The Scorpion quickly said; ’No Dear Mr. Turtle, I really need to go across to the other side. And if I sting you with my tail, then I would drown too. So no Dear Mr. Turtle I will not sting you.’ The Turtle thought about what the Scorpion had said, and decided that the Scorpion made sense. The Scorpion crawled up on the Turtle’s back, and the Turtle began the journey towards the other side of the river. When they were almost over, the Scorpion suddenly stung the Turtle and the Turtle screamed ‘Why did you sting me, when you promised me otherwise, now we will both die’ and the Scorpion replied ‘Sorry Mr. Turtle but this is my nature’."


And i'm a scorpion, i don't sting, but i got my own nature that can't change...
And i already was when you met me...

2 comentários:

  1. So, that means, that by your own choice... You'll die...

  2. One way to see it... let's let time answer it?